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Advice for fans on how to report websites showing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 matches illegally or suppliers of illicit streaming devices.

The ICC is aware that the large level of interest in events such as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 means that certain entities will attempt to distribute unauthorised live streams of matches via websites or illicit streaming devices.

In common with other sports federations and rights holders, the ICC takes the protection of its copyright in the broadcast content of matches extremely seriously.  The territorial exclusivity granted to the ICC’s broadcast partners underpins the economic model of all ICC events.  If this exclusivity were to be eroded, the value of the ICC’s broadcast rights would be vulnerable to decrease, thereby potentially threatening the ICC’s ability to fund genuinely world-class sporting events and resulting in a smaller pool of revenue being available for distribution amongst the ICC’s membership.  

The ICC’s 108 member boards around the world depend significantly on the investment made by the ICC’s broadcast partners.  Their ability to invest in player and coach development, to enhance playing and training facilities, and to support communities and clubs within their country is significantly underpinned by the ICC’s ability to market and protect broadcast and other commercial rights around ICC events.

Accordingly, the ICC takes a number of measures to monitor and respond to illegal streaming, taking such content offline where possible and ensuring that, where they can be identified, the individuals and entities distributing it (and benefiting financially from the investment of others) face the appropriate consequences under civil and criminal law. 

These measures include real-time deactivation of live streams / pirate websites utilising fingerprinting technology and other rights management tools, as well as the deactivation / blocking of hosting provider accounts, payment gateways and advertising providers. Within India, ICC Broadcast Partner STAR has successfully applied for an injunction targeted at websites previously identified as facilitating cricket piracy.  It is therefore likely that those accessing matches via illegitimate sources will have a frustrating and disrupted viewing experience.

We appreciate cricket fans assisting us in our efforts in this area.  If you know or suspect that a website is showing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 matches illegally, or if you know of an entity or individual supplying illicit streaming devices, this can be reported directly to 

Full details of the legitimate availability of matches in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 (both broadcast and digital exploitation) are set out here.