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All you need to know about ICC Dream 11 season-long fantasy for CWC19

The World Cup starts tomorrow and as teams look forward to kick-start the marquee event, it's time for you to finalize your fantasy side!

The ICC Dream 11 season-long fantasy for the World Cup lets cricket fans prove their cricketing knowledge and manage their own teams over the entire duration of the event.

What's the incentive?

The range of prizes for the season fantasy range from signed merchandise to tickets for the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 in Australia.

What's the format?

The classic mode fantasy league will divide fixtures into 11 different rounds with five matches per round until the semi-finals. The rules are straightforward. Players need to create one team for the entire duration of the World Cup, ideally with a healthy mix of players from different nations.

How does it work?

Initially, players are given 100 credits and the whole roster of players from every side. You need to choose your eleven from within this budget which means you might not be able to fit every one of your favourite players in a squad. This gives you a chance to apply your cricketing knowledge and manage a team while watching them put up real-time performances which return to you in the form of points. The better a player performs on the field, the higher the points you will earn.

Who will you use the 'Bowling Machine' points multiplier on?
Who will you use the 'Bowling Machine' points multiplier on?

Whom can you pick?

There is a minimum and maximum number of players allowed from each category (wicket-keeper, batsman, all-rounder, bowler) and you cannot have more than seven players from a single team, although in the season-long format, there is no need for you to even pick seven from one side.

What are the point multipliers and why apply them?

Once you choose the mix keeping in mind the above criteria, you need to pick a captain (who earns 2X Points) and vice-captain (1.5X Points) of your choice. You might want to remember that your choices matter because of the multipliers applied to the particular players.

For the season fantasy, there are special chips called 'free hits' available using which you can boost your fantasy points. This is categorised under Star Skipper, Star Deputy, Bowling Machine and Super Sixes. More on this will be explained in the handbook of rules for the season fantasy.

Can you trade players?

Before each round, fantasy players are at discretion to make limited free trades. Unutilized trades will not be carried over to the next round, so you might want to be wise with your choices. Various round statuses you might want to watch out for include Open, Active and Closed. You will only be allowed to trade when the round status is 'Open'.

While you are free to join private contests with friends alongside the tournament contest, the team changes you make apply to both contests. You cannot have different teams for different contests.